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sparkling friends – Alex Teuscher

I must introduce booming freelance photographer Alex Teuscher. His work is something to talk about and for everyone to see or should I say experience with their own eyes. Not only is he just a simply cool, suave and sophisticated gentleman, he holds great talent with a camera; Kudos to him!

His pictures first caught my attention after a mutual friend’s Halloween party, funnily enough. The party was fantastic however, Alex was able to take shots which had great affect, strengthening the theme making the party look even more outstanding and eerie than it was. I noticed them and he made me notice him!

Halloween festivities -Alex Teuscher 2010

Over the last two years as he has been exploring his art and exhibiting it to his friends, whilst also growing his network and diving into what has become his passion. His development is brimming and so is his creativity. He has developed his own artistry and now he is setting a great example to me.

When landing on his website you would not think that he has only done this for two years. You will be pleasantly surprised and he will distract and take you away as you enter his world and his conceptions.

Up in the Air – Alex Teuscher

He specializes in many different themes of which you will discover amongst his portfolios.

Here is the link to his website:

I will not continue to sing his praise because I will appear biased so please visit his website and delve into it. His ‘Digital Creations’ portfolio is mentally intoxicating. I cannot pick a favorite but one of them is ‘Dare to Dream’. As he quotes himself ‘ The journey is more important than the target!’

Simply wonderful and simply worth checking out. Enjoy


One comment on “sparkling friends – Alex Teuscher

  1. Pearle Sheeley
    November 30, 2012

    I came here thinking something else, but this enthused me regardless. Interesting stuff!

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