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My week’s fashionable sparkles

My weekly fashionable sparkles in the glorious world of popular culture;

I have adored Nicole Scherzinger since I saw her perform in concert together with the other Pussy Cat Dolls three years ago. This concert was pure fun and entertainment. She (to be fair ‘they’) gave a great performance on that stage, singing and dancing around for two hours like it’s that easy! Nicole was and is beautiful, likeable and at that time, empowered me to be a DOLL (modern version of Girl Power! -That sounds so ten years ago – my!)

Nicole is my fashionable sparkle for the month. She does not wear her outfits on X-Factor UK, they wear her! Unlike her rather confusing Britney-esque wardrobe and emotional wrecks on X-Factor US last year she has gotten herself together and is blossoming, all over again. This time not as a pussy cat, but as a lioness!

Over the weekend, she rocked her mojo in an orange Bodicca Platform dress and this stunning white TopShop number;


Tulisa (the second female judge on X-Factor UK) almost caught up with her in her black Victoria Beckham dress and her hair beautifully straight so – she has to be mentioned. Tulisa is a feisty gorgeous young lady and I think that the older she gets, the more she will establish her style, just like Nicole.

ANTM College Edition saw Laura James win with a rather strong portfolio to corroborate it. Despite her sporadic jealous moments, she was the stronger model out of the bunch and won enough challenges to secure an extra $30’000 for her ‘college fund’. Her catwalk was not that great and it is a shame that she lost a little confidence towards the end of the cycle, but goodness, who wouldn’t get a little shaken!? The couture gowns were to die for and the final touched me, but I am a sucker for this sort of stuff. Sophie Sumner who was ANTM’s cycle 18 winner featured in the final runway show too which, was an added bonus.

Until next time… on fashionable sparkles xo


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