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sparkling friends – Pamela Gotangco

Pamela Gotangco Hupp – Painter


I met my friend Pamela through a stranger who introduced himself to me very drunkenly whilst I was having a quiet drink with a friend in a rather relaxed ‘chill-out’ bar. He stood out to say the least. Everyone in the bar knew his name by the end of the evening! I shall name him Pete in this post. I ironically bumped into Pete the next time I was having a night out (yes, I was that lucky) and he was much more sober than the last time I had seen him. I hate being rude so of course I greeted him with the intent of keeping it quick. I could tell he was having a moment of embarrassment due to being completely off his face and talking nonsense the last time he saw me. I had a similar moment before in my younger days as many of us do! Anyhoo, Pete was together with his friends; Pamela and her husband who had just moved into town and were on a night out for the first time here in Zurich. He introduced me to them. Throughout the evening I kept bumping into Pamela in the ladies’ room so at one point we decided to have a quick chat and a drink. Since then, 3 years later, she is one of my sparkles!7139752_orig

Pamela was born and raised in the Philippines and started painting at the age of 19. She always tells me that she was inspired by the works of Monet and Rembrandt.
8870867_origHowever, due to her becoming a single mother at this tender age of 19 whilst at university, she put a pause on painting. She focused on earning her degree and then left the Philippines to work for an international airline based in the Middle East. Her demanding career and being a single mother at that time further delayed her dream to paint. Nineteen years have passed, her two children have grown and she is finally able to enjoy her passion in art. She is happily married to her loving husband who treats her like the queen she is and she is a full-time (well, now part-time) house wife. One day three years ago her husband surprised her with painting tools in order to fulfill her dreams and she was off! Her creativity, style, art and success has grown immensely and I am so proud of her! She describes her style as “figurative, fun and feminine” and she usually sticks to gentle and bright colours. Pamela has worked extremely hard to network herself within an already difficult and tight world to crack. The determination paid off.

sing and be free pussy

Sing and Be Free Pussy – Pamela Gotangco Hupp

I bought my first ever painting (named The Golden Son) at Pamela’s first ever exhibition at the Spring Frolic 2010 Art Show here in Zurich. I had to have a piece of her work in my home. photoSince then, almost three years later her art is exhibited in galleries nationally. She won a spot on Art Takes Times Square 2012 and her art has been selected for display in hotels and beauty salons within Zurich.

Here is her website.

Her work is also displayed on ArtSlant and SaatchiOnline where you will be able to read more about her and her conceptions. You will not be disappointed you and will probably spend a while looking at her work. My favorite collection is her Geisha collection, especially the ‘Sing and be Free Pussy’ piece which is shown above. I own a piece from this collection named ‘Trust No One’ which hangs beautifully on my bedroom wall. I must say, I am happy that drunken Pete came into my life and introduced me to this wonderful, talented woman. Enjoy!

Trust No One

Trust No One – Pamela Gotangco-Hupp

“I am a woman, and I relish the subtlety of being one. My work tends to resonate feminine whims that are tender and cunning. Rather than just an assortment of organs , I see the female figure more as a resonating chamber – like in a musical instrument, but with essence. Each contour has a suggestion, every shade has a tale although our perception and comprehension may bear no resemblance.” – Pamela Gotangco Hupp


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