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My after work activities on week nights during these dreary cold winter nights are very limited, with the exception of my dance classes.

My boyfriend and I take this ‘hibernation’ period to catch up and enjoy our favorite television shows and documentaries. Luckily we enjoy watching the same TV shows such as Homeland (we are new to it and it’s absolute madness!), Breaking Bad, 666 Park Avenue (a little creepy), Californication, Modern Family (pure brilliance!), Family Guy and the list goes on. There are however some guilty pleasures in TV land which he refuses to watch with me such as America’s Next Top Model, which is apparently too ‘screechy’ for some boys and Eastenders; a British 28 year old soap opera which I have been watching since I was a teenager. There is also 90210 (apparently I am too old to watch it. As if! It’s fantastic!) and Celebrity Big Brother which is indeed an acquired taste.

I watch my recorded guilty pleasures when my boyfriend is on a boys night out, cooking or at the gym; basically anytime he is not in the room. I have not been able to do this in 2013 yet and I have been eagerly waiting to do so. Luckily a small and simple deed enabled me to catch up with everything. Last night I arrived home, cooked dinner and surprised boyfy with a ‘Dark Passion’ cupcake from the best cupcake store in Zürich as well as a puzzle game which kept him busy him for the ENTIRE evening. Unbelievable!

'Deep Passion' - Chocolate cupcake with passionfruit frosting

‘Deep Passion’ – Chocolate cupcake with passionfruit frosting

The puzzle game is called Metall Knobelei but I cannot find a good English translation. Any suggestions are welcome! Boyfy bought this game for my nephew at Christmas and he kept emphasising how challenging and fun it is! Basically one has to figure out how to disentangle and unravel each puzzle with no force and then put them back together, equally with no force. It is meant to look like you are performing magic!


My boyfriend had to control himself in order not to open my nephew’s gift and start playing with it. I was so surprised at his reaction when he yelped at the puzzle game. He was ecstatic and disappeared when he opened the gift box and started working on the first puzzle. He was distracted all night, sitting next to me in silence. metallknobelThere was the occasional ‘Woohoo! I got it!’ and ‘This one is a toughie!’ but otherwise I was left to my own devices and caught up with my TV shows. Usually he complains if I sneakily switch on Eastenders whilst he is not looking, but this time but he did not care. Ladies, I am just saying! Not all good deeds go unpunished!

Now…. how to achieve this again next week…?


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