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Cher: Miss Stoeger, I would just like to say that physical education in this school is a disgrace. I mean, standing in line for forty minutes is hardly aerobically effective. I doubt I’ve worked off the calories in a stick of Carefree gum. (Clueless – 1995)

The 2012 winter holiday season put my exercise regime on a very long pause; four weeks to be exact. (Yes, I dragged it out a little). I cannot say that I am an avid sportsperson however I do love dance and enjoy exercise through dance, namely ballet. It is extremely motivating because it has everything I need in an exercise regime; music, fun, interaction, movement, muscle toning and cardiovascular

I started learning ballet at the age of 7 and then stopped when I went to University to focus on my degree. If I am perfectly honest, partying and socializing in what seemed to be a new world also distracted me – a lot. Oh the good old days! I still performed at some University events and I was also a cheerleader for the Surrey Angels Cheerleading Squad, but as soon I left University the dancing stopped there.

New ImageAfter years of sporadically dragging myself to the gym, which I do not enjoy, the influence from the wonderful dancers of So You Think You Can Dance U.S. and after a push from my boyfriend, I decided to start dancing again. It is a great hobby and I do not have to force myself to enjoy exercise anymore. I have been feeling slightly sleepy and disillusioned over the last few weeks so I decided to go yesterday, get back into the routine and pick myself up again. Jennifer Cohen at Forbes explains that exercise:

1. Increases Energy

2. Sharpens Focus

3. Enhances Mood

4. Helps Impulse Control (i.e. improves the prioritisation functions of the brain, therefore you are less distracted and can concentrate more on specific tasks at hand)

5. Improves Memory

6. Increases Productivity

Next step - point work in these beautiful new shoes. Good luck muscles!

Next step – point work in these beautiful new shoes. Good luck muscles!

So in conclusion, I can accept the fact that I am not the best dancer in my class but it is my form of exercise. It is healthy, fun and makes me feel good. I also get to meet new people which is always nice when you are an ‘expat’ and your closer friends are far away. Only now do I stupidly realise that there are numerous forms of exercise and forms of keeping toned and fit, giving no excuse for it to be boring. If you do not like one form of exercise, why not try another? It’s pretty logical but I admit that it was not so obvious me.  I cannot wait for class tomorrow!   xo


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