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untitledI am currently going through a phase of mixing and matching my wardrobe, be it with new, old, expensive or bargain bin clothing and I would like to get into the habit of this a lot more.

One of my oldest friends in Zurich (not by age! I have to be specific as she might read this) had her birthday celebrations over the weekend. She organised a fabulous house party in her newly refurbished apartment. It was great fun reuniting with this particular group of old special friends, attacking the homemade guacamole and listening to good music whilst chatting away and sipping on frozen margaritas. The birthday girl even got her own personal surprise lap dance from a ‘male dancer’ as a birthday present which, was the highlight of everyone’s evening including the boys!

Since I had not been out for a couple of weeks I decided to dress up a wee bit. I want to tighten my purse strings a little when it comes to shopping so I restrained myself from going out and hunting for a new outfit which I did not need. It was a fun and relaxed dress code so I chose to wear one of my collared chiffon tops purchased at Christmas time from Primark in England. I am not sure if it is the ‘Essex girl’ in me that gave me the guts to do so in the middle of winter but I chose to wear my aubergine coloured shorts (purchased last winter, also courtesy of Primark) and then three pairs of thick 100 denier tights in order to keeps my legs warm…ish.


I wore my favorite black and spangly cardigan which I purchased in Miss Selfridge during the 2012 spring season. I like the cardigan because the colour is simple but the spangles give it character. I slipped on my suede pumps et voila, I was dressed and ready to go at no extra expense.

Mixing and matching your wardrobe has a huge element of fun; you get to customize your look even more, coordinate and play with different colours, fabrics, and shapes; all with the interchangeable pieces of clothing just right there in your closet. It’s a great way to save a few pennies too! xo


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