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81W7knZDyiL__SL1500_Have any of the ladies out there discovered Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats yet? Maybe I am a little behind but I saw them in a Walgreens store whilst on vacation in Las Vegas and gave no second thought at grabbing a pair. I am not sure if they are sold in Europe yet but there is no doubt that they will be eventually (eek!) and there is always eBay. I am still so excited about this product. They are $14 black faux leather flat shoes which come together with a little gold coloured faux leather pochette, i.e. mini pouch bag that can fit in most but not all ‘going out’ handbags or clutches. Once your feet get a little too sore from wearing heels all night, you can just swap them over with your Fast Flats. I recall that I stupidly wore new high heeled boots to Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball concert and I had to leave before her finale because my feet were in too much pain from the darn boots!! I have never left a concert early and maybe when looking at it in retrospect; I could have just taken the boots off and boogied around barefoot.imagesCAOQYZZW I unfortunately just kept thinking of being trodden on by the crowd! When I went to Netsky’s gig, I wore my Benci Brothers heels and then carried a pair of flats in a used Jo Malone shopping bag so that I could survive the entire evening. Once my feet were pooped, I changed them over for the flats and could party freely for the rest of the night. I kept wondering why no one had thought of the Fast Flats idea yet and now they have! Joy!!!!81n2R8qO5-L__SL1500_ There are some disadvantages to this product but I simply think about that moment when your feet hurt so much after a day or evening in heels making the disadvantages void!

Disadvantage 1:- They do not necessarily go with every outfit.
My thought when my feet hurt from heels at the end of the day/evening: How much does my outfit matter when my feet are killing me!? – The pain factor will control my fate!

Disadvantage 2:- You may have to replace then once in a while
My thought when feet hurt from heels at the end of the day/evening: It’s totally worth it; like with any other worn out pair of flats.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Disadvantage 3:- The Fast Flats may not fit in smaller handbags
My thought when my feet hurt from heels at the end of the day/evening: It was totally worth carrying a bigger handbag/a spare tote or carrier bag with me; and haven’t fabulous New Yorkers and Londoners been doing the ‘shoe swap’ thing for decades now?

Disadvantage 4:- You have to carry your heels around with you after changing to the flats.
My thought when my feet hurt from heels at the end of the day/evening: I will put the shoes into coat check or simply carry them around with me.

Road Trip Part 2 – coming up next!


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