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sparkling discoveries – Peter Lik

I am not a photographer by profession nor am I an expert at photo editing but it does not  take a genius or a professional to see how great Peter Lik’s work is. Apparently his work is much sought after but I had no idea who he is until my boyfriend and I were strolling around the forum shops in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas and saw a gallery window displaying a captivating photograph taken in Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

'Ghost' - Peter Lik Source:

‘Ghost’ – Peter Lik

 This picture lured us into this gallery where we found out from that very friendly staff that the  he is a multi-award-winning Australian nature and landscape photographer. His work displays indescribable beauty, offers new perspectives of this amazing world of ours and it is full of technique. He has clearly mastered his art over the years; work he has developed since 1989 when he started travelling through and  photographing the 50 U.S. states. Unbelievable. Now that I am back home and have researched his work a little, I have found out that this first ever picture I saw of his work, named ‘Ghost’ ,won numerous prestigious awards for photography and was also exhibited in the Smithsonian. His photography renders me speechless and reminds me that nature gives us all the beauty we need.

Genesis - Peter Lik Source:

Genesis – Peter Lik

His galleries are definitely worth visiting if ever you are near one; we even sat inside a small demo lounge with selected pieces and had the lights dimmed slowly so that the effects of the pieces were further enhanced. I have read some reviews which claim that his digital work is fake i.e. very ‘photoshopped’ but that does not matter to me personally. It’s art! Art has no rules.

Echoes of Brooklyn - Peter LikSource:

Echoes of Brooklyn – Peter Lik

He is experimental, abstract and manipulates his art work with light and vibrant colors. His work can get rather expensive to purchase however the ‘Elements’ collection on his website starts offering prints at US$ 195.

Elements 55 - Peter Lik Source:

Elements 55 – Peter Lik

If you do not make it to one of his galleries, it’s definitely worth checking out his website. He describes the thoughts behind most of his work, which is an added bonus. Inspiring, effective, unpretentious and stunning photography.


In other news – fashionable sparkles is back soon!


5 comments on “sparkling discoveries – Peter Lik

  1. csd7227
    March 19, 2013

    Peter is a great photographer. He used to have a show on the Weather Channel called From the Edge that was really good. I don’t know if they are available anywhere, but they were great to watch.

    • sparklingflakes
      March 19, 2013

      Oh fanstastic! Thank you. He has been around for ages. Fantastic – just checked the Weather Channel and he has a show every Thursday. Thank you for the tip!!! A great look into his work composition.

      • csd7227
        March 19, 2013

        You go on location with him. I do hate that they are on at night though because I always want to go out and make pictures after I see them.

  2. BubblyH20
    March 20, 2013

    I love Peter Lik’s work too! He definitely has talent. Has anyone seen Aaron Chang’s work ( You’ve got to see it to feel the energy and movement he captures. Completely different than Lik, but on the same level…

    • sparklingflakes
      March 25, 2013

      Thank you Bobbly H20! No I have not actually heard of him. I have just landed on his website – WOW!!! Feedback to follow 🙂

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