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SE 2I recently tried out Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips spontaneously whilst road tripping in the U.S. and I was so pleased with the result. We were stopping over in Modesto, California for the evening and I found them by chance in a Walgreen’s store whilst buying vacation goodies. I thought I would give funky patterned nails stickers a try before splashing out the cash on getting them done professionally. Essie and Sephora also have a range of nail art strips (including funky 3D designs) despite being slightly smaller than the Sally Hansen collection. I cannot find nail strips of this kind in the stores here in Zürich for the moment (I will order from the product websites) however it is inevitable that they will be available in the near future as they are trending fast.

My first messy attempt. 'Brattlesnake' Nail Strips by Sally Hansen

My first messy attempt.
‘Brattlesnake’ Nail Strips by Sally Hansen

The nail stickers are made of real nail polish, are simple, quick, uncomplicated to apply and remove without ruining your nails. whatYou simply buffer your nails, choose the correct nail sticker which fits your nail size, press it on the nail, peel off the back of the sticker, shape the nail with the little cuticle stick included and voilà! There is no drying time however once you are done, I recommend you finish off by adding a top coat in order for the stickers to last longer. Essie All-in-One 3 Way Glaze and OPI TOP COAT never let me down. The top coat will keep the stickers (as well as nail varnish in general) on your nails for chip free and glossy for slightly longer. The only disadvantage is that the stickers do not last very long without a top coat and may chip or peel off easily . Otherwise they are adjustable, simple to use, colourful, patterned, fabulous, fun and also a great way to do nails almost anywhere without the fuss and without bothering others with the smell. Cute and pretty nails for and at any occasion!


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