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“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” —Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1850

“How do I hate thee? How much time do you have?” —Joan Rivers, today, about two-ish

9781611760651HI read legendary Joan Rivers’s book ‘I Hate Everyone…. Starting With Me’ over the Easter break and boy was I in stitches! Here I thought Tina Fey’s ‘Bossy Pants’ and Russel Brand’s Booky Wooks were funny. Joan Rivers to me is the most fabulous, feisty and opinionated entertainment goddess spiced with controversy, craziness and spunk. Published last year in 2012 ‘I Hate Everybody…Starting with Me’ is a long Joan Rivers rant on how she ‘hates’ everything and everyone; she makes fun of celebrities, the wealthy, show business, old age, human existence and way of living, the smug and the over-entitled. Everything and everyone is an object, including me. I fall under the ‘people with unnecessary allergies that disrupt everyone else’ and ‘people who like modern art’ categories.

At times she covers quite controversial matters and it makes you wince and shudder, but you carry on reading because of the pure comedic intent and because it’s simply her opinion. As she says “[…]I am a comedian and this is a humour book, and if you are too dumb, stupid or feeble-minded to figure that out then it’s your problem.”

With all of her diverse life and showbiz experience she gives a rowdy and biting look at life and even when she is mocking her own self she does not hold back. Here is a wee snippet:

*Penguin Copyrighted material

*Penguin Copyrighted material

She is hilarious, very rude, shocking, completely politically incorrect, insensitive and I could have been offended but I was busy laughing, cringing and getting through my third glass of wine. Not everyone can get away with this kind of tirade but Joan Rivers has been able to do it due to her unique and confident jesting style. It is a quick read, an acquired taste and you will laugh hard and cringe often!


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