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sparkling friends – Victor Andreas Marz

Victor with the coolest pose and cocktail ever!

Victor with the coolest pose and cocktail ever!

I have known photographer Victor Andreas Marz for over 3 years now and he has become a part of my extended family so I will not fill this post with stories on how we met but I will scream and shout about his talent as a digital travel and landscape photographer. Victor entered the world of photography when he thought it would be a great hobby to establish and pay more attention to. He is well-known for being one of those bright sparks who excel at almost anything they put their focus on. Although he has always taken brilliant pictures, he started developing his technique after he bought his first ever digital single-lens reflex camera in 2010.

Victor sticking true to motto his 'live your dreams...'

Victor sticking true to motto his ‘live your dreams…’

Photographers such as Klaus Hermann, Lucie Debelcova and Elia Locardi are his main influences; they escalated his interest and welcomed him to the digital post-processing world. Since then, his development and his technique have soared and to this day I still cannot believe that he is capturing and developing such beautiful shots. As I always stress, I am not an expert in photography but his strong focus on contrast accentuates the effectiveness of the photographs. Last time he visited Zurich a group of us went for a walk before dinner and he spent some time capturing shots of the beautiful sunset that day. His timing, angles and the contrast of night and day had to be just right. He knew exactly what he wanted and had to capture in order to create his image. Needless to say, I did not expect the result; it was breathtaking.

Zurich During Twilight - Victor März

Zurich During Twilight – Victor Marz – see the Victor Marz Photography facebook page for the full effect.

Since 2010 Victor has been accredited and received recognition at the Epson International Pano Awards (2011). Additionally, his images have been published in the Kolor 2011 Panoramic Photography Book and he took part in the Canon Australia World Press Photo Competition in 2011 and came out in the Top 20. To quote ‘Friends‘ “Not too shabby for Rachel!!!!!!”


What I appreciate most is the diversity of Victor’s portfolio and the contrasts he experiments with. He has ants in his pants and never stops travelling and exploring the world so that benefits his development. He gives us grand scenic views and his perspective of this beautiful world of ours. He is an avid diver, has a strong professional career in Singapore and has a gorgeous, spicy Latina lady in his life. He thus wants to keep photography purely as a hobby and insists on donating all his money from the sale of his photographs to charity.


He donated approximately AUD5’000 to charity in his first year (he used to live in Australia) and continues to donate his sale proceeds each year. The charities include Oxfam, The Red Cross and RedKite and he has added many more to his list .

'Sidney Myer Concert Series 2013' Melbourne in the Summer.

‘Sidney Myer Concert Series 2013’
Melbourne in the Summer.

Check out more beautiful shots on the 'Victor Marz Photography' Facebook page.

Check out more beautiful shots on the ‘Victor Marz Photography’ Facebook page.

His work is shown more extensively on the Victor Marz Photography facebook page and there is more information on him on his website. If you find something you want to order, do not forget that every penny you spend will be spent on someone who really needs it.

He is a happy, positive and an honorary brother of mine and I can only wish more success in photography and in life.

Enjoy everyone!


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    April 26, 2013

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