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sparkling sounds – Ellie Goulding

eg_halcyon_orig_345My anticipation has been growing strong for one of my favourite electronic pop acts Ellie Goulding to visit Zurich. I am so glad that ‘my’ city was part of her tour; I have been hypnotized by her sound, voice and music ever since I randomly purchased ‘Wish I Stayed’ in 2009 for free when iTunes released ‘An Introduction to Ellie Goulding’. She is now a permanent part of my music collection.

The concert took place in Härterei Club which never seems to carry the best sound, so it felt like Goulding needed some time to warm up to the audience and for the audience to warm up to her. The first half of the concert left us straining to hear her vocals, as the sound of the backing tracks, guitars, piano and drums often overwhelmed her voice. She would however would pull us back in by interacting with the audience and adding a personal touch by explaining the basis of her songs and music.

As the night ignited, Ellie was brilliant, throwing off sparks song after song. She was full of energy and she even gave us more spunk when she was banging her floor tom and drums with authentic passion for her music. The best moments were the stripped-down, acoustic and a capella moments where her vocals shone through; highlighting her intensity and her ability to control her delectable voice. It’s pure bliss listening to her soprano and falsetto without going off-key. Anything Can Happen was absolutely stunning and sounded perfect.

My mini view of the gorgeous Miss!

My mini view of the gorgeous Miss!

I admit I am biased but I recommend checking her out tour if you have not already seen her live. Everything she exudes in her music is exuded at her concert. It was sweet, bright, bubbly, dreamy, eclectic, soft but spunky, unique and explosive. She wraps her classic songwriting talent around electronic dance music and is also clever enough to give it a commercial edge. She is a goddess, a sweetheart and an inspiration.

Dragging one of my besties along!

Dragging one of my besties along!

Drink of the night – Not too fancy as I was being a good girl for once – Water and a Prosecco.

Sparkling performances


Figure 8

Salt Skin


Guns And Horses (acoustic)

I Know You Care

Under The Sheets

Anything Could Happen

I Need Your Love (Encore)

Lights (Encore)


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